For the love of surfing

Where It All Started!

My #healthyobsession began as a kid. My life revolved around surfing. I met my husband when he dropped in on me, little did I know my friends had set us up on a blind date that evening, AWKWARD!
Both my pregnancies were spent keeping fit for the return to my beloved sport.
How the years fly by. 1999 saw me chase a dream. Bum up head down, I opened a womens surf shop and surf school.
I'd surfed since my early teens, was used to no special treatment in the water, based on my gender, actually that pushed me harder. I was proud of my womanhood in the surf, earrings and all! My dream business was a little ahead of its time and so the business became unisex. My husband left a stressful job and joined me, we still work the business together today.
A head injury in 2015, caused by a wayward surfboard, resulting in a stroke, nearly cost me my life, thankfully I returned to surfing, not that the neurologist was happy, and my love of surfing is now stronger than ever.
Women on Waves has its own identity now, this page, and the amazing humans Ive met on my travels have shown me how far womens surfing and sport has come and what an amazing future we have!
So here's to the future. May we be safe, happy and receive an abundance of waves.
Go For Your Dreams!

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