salt gypsy


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 Mid-length cruiser
 Easy to paddle
 Stability with generous outline

The versatility of the Mid Tide shouldn't be underestimated. This all day, every day surfboard is not intimidating in any way, and has a reliability to it that'll see her perform in just about any type of waves.

The Mid Tide is defined as a mid-length cruiser with some smaller sizes for the more petite girls and those with some intent to their approach.

The generous outline (shape) and 'easy on the eye' curves mean this board strikes the perfect balance between drawing long smooth lines in cruise mode and banking a nice turn on the open face.

Think easy paddling, lots of stability and enough turning response to satisfy the savvy Salt Gypsy wanting to really wet the rail.

All ages, all conditions... The Mid Tide is basically an all-round cruiser that will adapt to the rider’s ability.

*All Salt Gypsy surfboards were tested and designed with appropriate dimensions and volume allocations to suit female surfers so they can get the most out of every wave. 

STAFF NOTE-'been a short board surfer all my surfing life, had an injury, needed more length and literage for a while, was nervous surfing this board first time, geez, what an eye opener, this board is so much fun, can get it on rail no dramas, really surprised me!


6'4 21" 2 1/2" 37 ltr 7" Single + FCS II Performer Sides (all supplied) 60kg / 132lb or less
6'8 21 1/4" 2 5'8" 41 ltr

7" Single + FCS II Performer Sides (all supplied)
65kg / 143lb
7'0 21 1/2" 2 3/4" 46 ltr

7" Single + FCS II Performer Sides (all supplied)
70kg / 155lb
7'4 21 3/4" 2 7/8" 51 ltr

7" Single + FCS II Performer Sides (all supplied)
75kg / 165lb


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