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Comp X 2mm Springsuit

Comp X 2mm Springsuit

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Ideal for mid-temp range and transitional seasons, the Xcel Mens Comp X 2mm Short Sleeve Springsuit features plush Thermolite throughout the body - New infrared fiber infused lining to enhance warmth by helping create and hold heat generated by the body. While the exterior consists of entirely channel flex, a lightweight exterior hydrophobic gridded material that breaks up tension by reducing fiber and water weight, allowing a surfer to have complete free-range of motion.


Channel Flex

Plush Thermo-Lite Body

Light quick dry fiber

Dope dye yarn

100% Performance stretch

Nanoprene lite Japanese Limestone


Chest zipper

One piece front and back panels

Engineered fit design


Glued and Blindstitched seams

Fusion X tape


This wetsuit has been developed for water temperatures ranging from 17°C to 20°C (62° to 68° Fahrenheit).

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