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  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Versatile Tide Display: Switch between Graph View or Detailed View Graph View - ‘At-a-glance’ tide display is scaled for each unique location and clearly illustrates spring and neap tides Actual tide heights are displayed 8 hours into the future and 2 hours into the past Detailed View - Clearly displays current tide height and direction, including the numeric time and numeric height the of next tide
  • Module Features: 500 Pre Programmed tide locations, Quick view tide graph, Detailed tide view, Future tide, Alarm, countdown timer, stopwatch and light, Versatile tide display, Graph View or Detailed view
  • Watch Band: Comfortable and lightweight one-piece over molded injected polyurethane band, Band tapered from 35mm to 25mm with secure locking keeper, Marine grade stainless steel forged buckle
  • Water Rating: 100% Waterproof Tested
Essential Surf & Skate is just that – all about surf & skate sports! We are situated in Helensburgh & Sutherland, NSW, Australia. Essential Surf & Skate was established in 1999. Essential Surf & Skate started out with two partners who had a vision but more importantly the desire to work in a way that supported their addiction – surfing. From that true love of the ocean and beach life and the feeling of freedom of being in nature,Essential Surf & Skate has grown to become the one of the best surf & skate stores on the south coast. Essential Surf & Skate carries all major brands and many alternate labels and is constantly searching the globe for the best of the best. Some of our key staff have been with us for 15 years plus. We have a dedication to employing a team who, like you, love the surf. This ensures you are getting the best first-hand advice available. At Essential Surf & Skate we love to see first-timers catch the buzz for the surf. If we can help you with the best gear or just some advice or directions, then we are happy. Hope to see you in-store or in the water soon!